BODYSCAPE X Rozina Pátkai | Guided tour in the exhibition 'BODYSCAPE - Nude in Contemporary Hungarian Photography'

"They are completely different, is that okay? They are too big, is that okay?  They are too small, is that okay? They are a bit saggy, is that okay? Mine are almost invisible. They are totally different. They are big and saggy, is that okay? They are not really a pair, is that okay? I have a scar, is that okay? I had surgery, is that okay? I want to love them, is that okay?" (Rozina Pátkai: Mammary, is that okay? – card game) 

Please note that the tour is in Hungarian.

Full-price: 2.400 HUF
Student and senior discount: 1.600 HUF
Those otherwise entitled to free entry: 800 HUF
The program ticket is also valid for a visit to the temporary and permanent exhibitions of the Kiscell Museum.

Every year, the Budapest Photo Festival shines the spotlight on a classic genre in photography. In 2020 it examines the relation between contemporary photography and the issue of body image.

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