Presentation (in Hungarian) by architect Sándor Váci, followed by a concert of pianist Gergő Zoltán Varga and violinist Sára Deák, in remembrance of Franz Liszt's charity concert in Vienna, which was oranized to help the victims of the great flood of Budapest in 1838.

1838 was a crucial year in the history of Budapest. In March of that year the Danube flooded Pest which destroyed most of the city, and lead to the death of 151 people. Franz Liszt gave a charity concert in order to help the unfortunate residents. However, this catastrophe also led to a rapid development of the city: the construction of the Chain Bridge was started, and a brick factory was established. These developments are the topic of the presentation of architect Sándor Váci, which will be followed by a concert by pianist Zoltán Gergő Varga and violinist Sára Deák, re-enacting the original concert by Liszt. After the concert, the Budapest History Museum hosts a reception.

The event is free. However, please register by e-mail at, or by calling +36 1 487 8871.



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