Not to display the oeuvre in its entirety but rather to present focal points and crucial phases of Barta’s career to the public in the light of his artistic strategies is the aim of this exhibition. It tries to answer the question: How did, in the given historical situation and under certain (cultural-)political circumstances, Barta comply with the expectations and retain his artistic integrity and autonomy at the same time. In addition to the drawings and sculptures, the exhibition sheds light on the historical context of the works and offers insight into the complex interplay between art and authority. Supplemented by the accompanying catalogue, it examines what kinds of artistic strategies arise in Bartha’s oeuvre from the constant attempts at adaptation – to heteronormative society, to an artworld stifling experiments in abstraction, and, later, to the home country of his choice.

Alongside material from Hungarian public and private collections numerous works from German collections are on display previously not seen by the Hungarian public.

The exhibition and the bilingual catalogue are realized in a collaboration between Kiscelli Múzeum – Fővárosi Képtár, Martin-Lantzsch-Nötzel-Stiftung Köln, and Goethe Institute Budapest.

30 May – 22 September 2019 

Mária Árvai, Zsóka Leposa, Ulrich Winkler

Graphic design:
Zoltán Szmolka

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