The Aquincum Museum is partially re-opening


From Saturday 23 May 2020, the Archaeological Park, the Baths Museum, and the Hercules Villa will re-open to visitors!

Although the indoor exhibitions of the Aquincum Museum are still closed, the Archaeological Park has a lot of interesting things to offer. In the ruin park of nearly 10 hectares, visitors can familiarize themselves with the quarter of the former civic city of Aquincum, with the most characteristic public buildings of the city center and dozens of private houses. The uniqueness of the ruin garden is further enhanced by the fact that, north of Rome, Aquincum is the only area where Roman heritage is presented in a larger cohesive unit in a metropolitan setting.

In addition to the Archaeological Park of the Aquincum Museum, the Bath Museum (District III, Flórián Square Underpass) and the Hercules Villa (District III, Meggyfa Street 21) will also open. These exhibition spaces can be visited free of charge.

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