Treasures of Budapest – poster exhibition at the stations of metro line M1


Featuring a selection of valuable items from our collections and exhibitions, the Budapest History Museum is presenting a poster exhibition, entitled 'Treasures of Budapest' at the stations of metro line M1 from 24 June.

Through the posters on the platforms of the stations of metro line M1, passers-by can discover the wide range of treasures held by the member institutions of the Budapest History Museum. From Prehistorical and the Migration Period objects to medieval archaeological finds and contemporary works, you can get to know fascinating items from the museum's collections and exhibitions.

Among the featured objects, you can find a teapot from the estate of Adam Clark, a Scottish engineer who supervised the construction of the Chain Bridge, as well as artworks by renowned Hungarian painters Aurél Bernáth and Valér Ferenczy from the collection of the Municipal Gallery. You can marvel at jewelry and ritual artefacts as well as everyday tools from Prehistory, the Migration Period and the Middle Ages. In addition, you can get a glimpse into the work of restorers, find out what “steamed clutter ” means in the interpretation of a contemporary artist, or what message an Italian tourist left in the guestbook the day before the quarantine started.

Visit our exhibition and follow our Facebook page where we will also be sharing the posters in the upcoming weeks.

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