The Aquincum Museum fully reopens on 20 June


The Aquincum Museum’s exhibition venues are re-opening to the public on Saturday, 20 June 2020. We are cancelling time-slots for visits and you can also buy your tickets at the cashier’s desk. On 23 June, we’re returning to our usual summer opening hours and ticket prices.

From Saturday (20 June) you can visit every part of the Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park.
 The exhibition halls and protective buildings as well as the Symphorus Mithraeum and the House of the Painter are re-opening.

Time-slots for visits are cancelled. From Saturday you can also purchase your tickets at the cashier’s desk in the museum, but, for the present, we are unable to accept cash (only card and SZÉP card).

The regular ticket prices and discounts return from Tuesday (23 June).

For more on the available discounts and the usual ticket prices visit the Ticket prices page.

Time-slots are also cancelled for the Baths Museum and the Hercules Villa. From Tuesday the usual opening times apply there as well.

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