The Budapest Gallery re-opens with a new exhibition


The Budapest Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, So Far, So Good, which examines our everyday anxieties, the compulsion to be productive, burnout from overwork, and our reactions to all three, will open after a delay of almost three months.

During the preparations for the exhibition, none of us reckoned with the possibility that, with the onset of a pandemic, these situations and feelings would become even more acute. As a result of the coronavirus, the hamster-wheel came to a halt for many people – suspending work processes and destabilizing livelihoods – while for others it started spinning even faster, and many found themselves facing a new kind of anxiety. Our fear of the unknown, the unpredictable, and the question of how long this condition would last became decisive. Many wondered if we could (or should) return to “normal” life, and what would we consider normal from now on? Now that we have returned to a more familiar situation with the gradual easing of restrictions, the question of how to look at situations in life which were hardly problem-free before this dramatic moment may become more important. The works of art, although created before the coronavirus hit the world, nevertheless point to a number of difficulties which in recent months have come to the fore or have been enriched with new layers of meaning. The title of the exhibition ironically twists the sentence from the well-known film, as we had already sensed that things were not “alright,” but now perhaps we are better able to speak about this.

Barbora Kleinhamplová & Tereza Stejskalová: Still from the film 'Sleepers' Manifesto', 2014, Courtesy of the artists

Exhibiting artists: Adelina CIMOCHOWICZ, Sári EMBER, Barbora KLEINHAMPLOVÁ and Tereza STEJSKALOVÁ, Kateřina KONVALINOVÁ, Krisztián KRISTÓF, Virginia LUPU, Zsófia SZEMZŐ, Balázs VARJU TÓTH, Madalina ZAHARIA

Curated by: Flóra GADÓ

Graphic design: Bálint Jákob

Opening: 9 July 2020, 6:00 pm

Opening speech by: Bence HORVÁTH, journalist

In order to attend the opening, you need to register on the following link:

On view: 10 July - 6 September 2020 (Tue-Sun 10am-6 pm)

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Adelina Cimochowicz: Still from the film 'Natural State', 2018, Courtesy of the artist

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