Three of our member institutions join the Óbudai Kult.Éj event


Known for its unmistakably nostalgic yet fresh and young atmosphere, Óbuda is hosting a "cultural night marathon" on 1 August from 4pm to midnight. Three of our member institutions, the Aquincum Museum, the Budapest Gallery and the Kiscell Museum welcome visitors on this evening with a wide range of exciting programs.

Similarly to the Night of Museums (Múzeumok Éjszakája), you can participate in all of the programs by purchasing a single ticket for 1000 HUF valid specifically for this event. 

Programs of our member institutions 


16:00-20:00 Arts and crafts activities: make an animal mask, a laurel wreath, a fan or an ancient Roman helmet, try pottery, pebble painting, or decorate a plaster figure (Participation in craft activities is possible by purchasing a separate crafts ticket.)

16:00-20:30 Coin collecting game

16:00-21:00 Mini-arena games for children

16:00-21:00 Archery, spear throwing, face painting in the Celtic camp

16:00-21:00 Legionnaires in Aquincum (formal demonstrations, camp life)

16:00-21:00 Coin minting

16:00-17:30, 18:30-20:00, 22:30-23:30 Barbarian fortune telling - divination based on ancient recipes (in Hungarian) 

16:30-17:30 Magnificent houses, stinking alleys - Life in the civilian town of Aquincum - guided tour in the ruin garden (in Hungarian) 

17:00-18:00 Interactive guided tour in the 'Ingenious Inventions' exhibition (in Hungarian) 

18:00-18:45 Guided tour in the 'A 7000-year-old message' exhibition (in Hungarian)

19: 00-20: 00 'Tidy courtyard, reputable (painter's) house' - guided tour (in Hungarian)

19: 00-20:00 #Aquincum - guided tour in the Ruin Garden (in Hungarian)

20: 00-20:45 Guided tour (in Hungarian) in the storage rooms of the Prehistoric and Migration Period Collection

21:00-21:30 Ancient Roman necromancy

21: 45-22:15 Lughnassad fire ritual and fire jumping (Celtic holiday)

22: 30-23: 30 Guided tour with torchlight in the Ruin Garden (in Hungarian)


19:00 and 21:00 Curatorial guided tour in the exhibition 'So Far So Good'


16:00 Urban walk: A fairy tale on the Táborhegy - The forgotten world of water millers and secret lovers. Meeting point opposite the terminus of tram 1, in front of the printing house building. For the adventurous, the tour ends at the Kiscelli Museum. The tour is in Hungarian.

16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00 Guided tour in the museum building and the crypt

17:00, 19:00, 21:00 From Bach to Dohnányi. Pop-up concerts with the Trioflife string trio in the exhibition 'Shine! Fashion and Glamour' in the museum’s Church Space

17: 00-21: 00 Wine tasting with Közösségi Bor

18:00 Curatorial guided tour at the Budapest Photo Festival's guest exhibition 'BODYSCAPE – Nude in Contemporary Hungarian Photography'

18:00 A program related to Ottó Vincze's installation '!Warning — High Voltage!' in the inner courtyard

16:00-22:00 Fröccs (wine spritzer) with Közösségi Bor


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