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Entrance during the 25th Wine Festival

Dear Visitors!

We inform you that during the 25th Wine Festival (8 to 11 September 2016 )  the entrance into the Castle Museum of the Budapest History Museum with the ticket of the Wine Festival is free. If you do not wish to participate on the Wine Festival, we have to ask you to come from the direction of the King's cellar / Castle Garden Bazaar or through the side entrance from the Döbrentei square. From the Lion's Court and the National Library Elevator you can enter the Museum only with the ticket of the Wine Festival.

Museo Mundial Project

The EU financed Museo Mundial is a project about to be realized in four countries of Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal and Hungary)and its main purpose is to promote the collaboration between museums and non-governmental organizations by integrating the Millennium Development Goals and the global concerns into the permanent exhibitions of the museums involved in the guise of interactive stations.