Mission statement

The Budapest History Museum consists of the Aquincum Museum, the Castle Museum, the Kiscell Museum and the Budapest Gallery. The Museum collects and preserves archaeological and historical objects as well as fine art dating from Prehistoric times up to the present day from Hungary and Budapest.

Its primary duty is to research and present the material and intellectual heritage found in its collections and provide science-based reinterpretations of this heritage. The Museum responds sensitively to changes in the capital’s social, cultural and built heritage, and it plays an active role in preserving cultural heritage and shaping the future of Budapest.

In order to strengthen urban and local identities, the Museum is in conversation with municipal institutions and groups representing civil society. It is a diverse scientific workshop open to contemporary intellectual tendencie,  and it presents items from the present and the past according to a contemporary museological approach with expertise and professionalism but, at the same time, in a comprehensible form.

The Museum seeks to be accessible and interesting to all members of society, promoting the social integration of disadvantaged or disabled persons by organizing dedicated programs. The Museum’s core values include ecological consciousness and social responsibility, and it organizes its operations and activities with professional and socially ethical criteria in mind.

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