The aim of the workshop is to create a personal platform for archaeologists in our and other institutions, as well as re-enactors and museum education specialists and, of course, visitors. Our main subject: questions of ancient clothing and accessories. The workshop will be in Hungarian.

Given the high levels of interest, positive feedback and countless questions and suggested topics, following the sessions of last October and March of this year, we are organising the third instalment of our Re-enactment workshop.

We invite to the workshop primarily, though not exclusively, those re-enactment groups with whom our museum has had a good relationship for many years. The session is a good opportunity for archaeologists and collection curators to present the re-enactors such original artefacts and knowledge, which they can put to use later on. In return the re-enactors can share their hands-on experience with museum professionals. Along the dialogue we naturally also offer activities for visitors.

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