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Vote for the museum education program of the Budapest Gallery!

We are proud to announce that the museum education program entitled "It's Good To Be Together", developed by our member institution, the Budapest Gallery has been nominated for an award by Highlights of Hungary. The program has also been awarded the Museum Education Award for Excellence by the Hungarian Museum Education and Methodology Centre in 2020. The aim of the program is to organize a monthly workshop where the residents of local nursing homes and kindergarten children can meet, and where they can share experiences, play and create together while they are also discovering the museum's exhibitions. 

The independent initiative Highlights of Hungary gathers Hungary’s most inspirational stories into a creative collection on a professional basis but without the boundaries of categories. Their goal is to recognize and raise awareness to the most inspiring stories each year, along the values of excellence, patriotism, and acting local patriotism, and to organize a community around their creators.

The museum education program "It's Good To Be Together" is also a community-building initiative. You want to encourage smaller museums, country houses and nearby kindergartens and nursing homes to work together to develop similar programs for their own community.

We already know: It's good to be together! Please support the program with your vote!

You can vote on the following link until 18 February:

We would like to congratulate our colleague, Anna Tóth, the organizer and mentor of the program, as well as say thanks for the nomination for the team of Pet Kupa!


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