The Budapest History Museum has held a staff meeting regarding the termination of public employee status of cultural employees


The museum held a briefing for its employees on the change of legal status of public employees working in public cultural institutions and public collections.

Pursuant to the Act on the Transformation of the Legal Relationship of Employees of Cultural Institutions, the status of the colleagues of the Budapest History Museum will be transformed from public to private employee on 31 October 2020. In view of the sensitivity and significance of the topic, the Director General of the museum, Noémi Népessy, convened a staff meeting to inform those present about the statutory steps of the transformation together with the members of the task force entrusted with implementing the law.

In the coming weeks and months, the management of the museum will continuously inform the staff about the tasks and current events related to the aforementioned change. The legal aid service of the museum is ready to receive further questions and remarks from colleagues.

The event took place in accordance with the safety regulations of the current situation, the organizers providing participants with face masks and hand sanitizer.

Photo: Budapest History Museum/Dávid Kádár

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